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Accessing the ESP+ Websites Admin - Knowledgebase / Websites Admin / Getting Started - ESP+

Accessing the ESP+ Websites Admin

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To access the ESP+ Websites area, log into ESP+ and click on Websites from the main toolbar.

On the Websites main page, all previously created websites will be displayed. If you do not see the site you would like to update, type the site name or URL to in the search bar to locate the site.

Each available site will be displayed with an eye icon to open the website in a new tab and a three dot icon which will display a menu with the following options:

  • View Details:
    Will open site admin in the Overview tab.
  • Edit Design:
    Will open site admin in the Site Design tab.
  • Edit Collaborations:
    Enables you to update the site management accessibility within your company.
  • Publish:
    Will publish your site and make all saved changes live.

If there are not currently any websites available, click on the Create New Website button.

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