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mar. 19 2024

Search for a Decorator

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A decorator provides imprinting on supplied items. For example, if your customer requests an item from a supplier and that supplier does not provide imprinting, you can employ the services of a decorator. ESP+ enables you to locate a decorator directly from the main search box.

To locate a decorator in ESP+, log into ESP+ and go to the keyword search section on the ESP+ homepage. Next, use the toggle to select "Decorators" and then add the type of decoration service you need in the search the box. Lastly, hit Enter on your keyboard or click on the magnifying glass icon to launch the search.

The search results will display decorators and suppliers that offer services based on search criteria. Above the search results there are filter options which allow you to select alternate imprint services, decorator state/province, region/country, zip code, and an exclude option. The search bar will also relocate to the main search bar if you need to launch a new search.

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