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Display Product Pricing in Canadian Dollars - Noticias / General - ESP+

abr. 18 2024

Display Product Pricing in Canadian Dollars

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To display product pricing in Canadian dollars, log into ESP+, click on Account from the main toolbar, and then select Localization.

In the Localization section, you can use the Markets dropdown to display products based on the country to which they can be shipped. Selecting All will show products that can be shipped to both Canada and the United States. Additionally, if you select "All" as the Default Market and "Canadian Dollar (CAD)" as the Currency, product results will contain items that have both US and Canadian pricing. Products that contain US pricing will be converted and displayed in the default currency of Canadian dollars. To ensure the converted pricing is as accurate as possible, enable the currency conversion rate to update automatically in the Company Information section.

Click on Save when in each section when you have made your selection.

The Pricing will now show in Canadian dollars if the supplier has provided Canadian pricing, or with the converted amounts if the supplier has only provided US pricing.

Please visit the ESP+ Knowledge Base to learn more about the options for Canadian ESP+ users.

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