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The Product Detail Page - Knowledgebase / Working with Products - ESP+

The Product Detail Page

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The Product Detail page will display all information about a specific item.


The product image will be selected by default and displayed in the main image area. Hovering on the main image enable you to zoom in on the photo. To download a copy of an image to your computer, click on the Download icon in the lower left corner of the main image.

All image thumbnails will be listed to the left of the main image. If the supplier has provided any videos, they will be shown as a play button after the image thumbnails.

Watch this short video of the Images section in action!

Basic Product Information

In the upper right corner, general descriptive information about the product will be displayed. This information includes:

  • Product info flags, such as "New Product" or "Trending" (if applicable)
  • Product Name
  • Product Number
  • CPN
  • Product Summary
  • Rush Service Available Indicator (If applicable)
  • Price Range/QUR indicator

Additionally, there are buttons available to:

  • Add to Collection button
  • Add to Presentation button
  • Shipping Estimator
  • View on Supplier Website (If applicable)

Supplier Information

The basic information for the supplier will be shown, including their logo, Supplier name, ASI number, and rating. You can click on click on the Show Contact Information link to view basic information about the supplier or click on the supplier’s name to open their full details.

Descriptive Information

Quick Info

The Quick Info section will display the available product colors, sizes, materials, shapes, and imprint methods. If the supplier has not provided information for a field, it will not be displayed.

Imprint Information

The imprint information section will display any information regarding decoration options provided by the supplier. This information may include charges, colors, locations, sizes, and additional information about imprinting.

Product Information

The product information section will include the full description and comments from the supplier directly to you, the distributor. All product variant information will also be displayed in this section. Product variants refers to the specific descriptive information about an item, such as color(s), size(s), material(s), shape(s) and/or imprint method(s) which is available for the item. It is important to note that if the supplier did not provide information for a specific field, that section will be absent from the product detail page.

Production and Shipping

All information provided by the supplier regarding rush service, production time, FOB point(s), and shipping details is displayed in this section.

Artwork Templates

Artwork templates can help demonstrate the best way to decorate a product and available templates can be downloaded.

Safety Warnings

If there are any safety warnings such as Prop 65 or choking hazards, they are displayed in this area.

Pricing Options

An item may contain multiple price grids depending on its attributes. For example, a T-Shirt might be one price for standard sizes but cost more for extended sizes.

If an item contains more than one base price grid, use the dropdown under Base Pricing Option to select which pricing information you would like to view. You can also click on the View all Price Grids link to see all pricing options.

Watch this short video of the Pricing Options in action!


If a product contains inventory information provided by the supplier, it will be displayed in the inventory section. Use the dropdown to choose the option for which you would like to view inventory information or click on the View Inventory Grids to see the information for all options.

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