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Shipping Estimator

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The Shipping Estimator provides estimated shipping costs from various postal carriers (UPS, DHL, USPS, FedEx). Only carriers that service the location you enter in the Ship To and Ship From fields will display shipping estimates. The shipping estimate calculation is based on the unit weight per product and each carrier type.

To use the Shipping Estimator, go to the Product Detail page and click on the Estimate Shipping button.

Information provided by the supplier will be auto generated into the appropriate fields. For example, if the supplier has provided the item or package weight, the information will be displayed in the Products per Package and Weight per Package boxes. The total pounds and number of packages will be calculated after you click on the Get Estimates button.

There is also a dropdown with standard packaging sizes available to help calculate shipping rates.

The Ship From will display the supplier's location and Ship To will display the location saved within your ESP account, but both are adjustable. When you are ready, click on the Get Estimates button.

The estimates will be listed on the right of the shipping estimator window. Use the Carrier dropdown to choose view shipping estimates from a specific shipping provider.

Disclaimer: These are general estimations based on information provided by the supplier. For exact shipping charges, please contact the supplier.

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