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Filter Using Canadian Options - Noticias / Search Results - ESP+

feb. 19 2024

Filter Using Canadian Options

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To search for items within the Canadian Market and/or items with Canadian pricing available, log into ESP+ and do a keyword search.

Click on the "Show More” link on the Filter bar.

Use the available options to select the desired filter(s):

  • Market: Canada
    This option will display all items sold in the Canadian market segment. This may include items that are from Canadian Friendly Suppliers, which are vendors who may be physically located in the United States, but ready, willing, and able to do business within the Canadian market.
  • Additional Filter Checkbox: Made in Canada
    This checkbox will display only results for products that are manufactured within Canada.
  • Additional Filter Checkbox: With Canadian Pricing
    This checkbox will display only results for products which contain Canadian pricing. It is important to note that this checkbox will display both items that contain only Canadian pricing and items which contain dual pricing in US and Canadian dollars.

You can choose to apply one, two, or all three of these filters. When you are finished making your selection(s), click on the Apply button.

The filters will be applied.

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