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No Price Grid Shown in Preview, but Pricing Enabled - News / Projects & Presentation - ESP+

Jan 10 2023

No Price Grid Shown in Preview, but Pricing Enabled

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In the Presentation Preview window, you will see a real-time update of the Product Page and Landing Page. As you enable product details using the sliders in the Presentation Settings area, you will see the preview of the Product Page update to reflect those changes.

So, why if you enabled pricing is there no price grid showing in the preview sometimes? When a supplier provides a single base pricing option for an item, the price information will be shown on the preview. However, if the supplier has provided mulitple price grids for an item, no price grid will be displayed because you will need to select which pricing you would like to offer your customer for the product.

  • Single Price Grid:
  • Multiple Price Grid:

For more information on how to select price grids for a presentation, please review the Pricing section of the Edit Product Information article or watch this quick video.

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