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The Help Center - Knowledgebase / Getting Started - ESP+

The Help Center

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The Help Center in ESP+ provide access to helpful information via four main sections.

These sections are:

Help Center

View information about the latest updates in ESP+ by clicking on the What's New option.

ESP+ Support

The options available in the ESP+ Support area include:

  • Contact Support:
    Begin a chat with one of our representatives.
  • Knowledge Base:
    Get help 24/7 with the ESP+ Knowledge Base!
  • Webinars:
    Access a webinar series of tips and insight to help you be more successful. Occurs the third Thursday of every month.
  • Submit an Idea:
    Send ASI an email with comments, suggests, and/or feedback on ESP+.


The options available in the Education area include:

  • ASI Media:
    Access to the industry’s best reporters, writers, researchers, teachers, and information.
  • ASI University
    Live and online courses are specifically designed to help you grow your industry knowledge and your businesses.
  • Market Research
    Data and infographics to help our members show the value of promotional products and improve their business.

About Us

The options available in the About Us area include:

  • ASI Central:
    ASI's main website.
  • ASI Events:
    Information on upcoming trade shows and events.
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