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Configure a New Presentation

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The first step in configuring the details for a project and presentation is to select the customer.

If the customer is already established in the CRM, you can use the search box to locate the customer record and then click on it to select them.

If the customer record is not already in the CRM, click on the Create a New Customer button.

When creating the new customer, the Create a New Presentation window will open. You will need to enter the Presentation Name, followed by the Company Name. After typing the Presentation name and company name, you can use the Website field to source this customer’s specific branding information; including their company logo, icon, and primary brand color. Type the website address and click on the Search Brand button. Use Event Type dropdown to choose the closest option for your event. Then, fill in as much as information as possible in the remaining fields: event date, attendees, in-hands date, and budget. It is important to keep in mind that all information entered on this screen can be updated at a later date.

When creating a new customer and presentation simultaneously, it is beneficial to also add a contact during this process. To do this, click on the Add Contact button. While the only the contact’s first and last names are required, just like with the company itself, the more information, the better so fill in as much information as possible. The role of the contact plays a key part in the order process so if this contact is responsible for any of the roles listed, check the box for the appropriate option. Please note that one contact can be responsible for one, two or all three roles.

Once you have finished entering information, click on the Create Presentation button.

Watch a quick video on how to Create a New Presentation

Once you have finished configuring the new presentation, you will be brought into the Presentations tab of the Project. You can then choose the Presentation Settings.

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